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Client Testimonial: 
"Thank you Shabbir, you are a health & safety hero!" 
Lewis Joy, Chief Operations Officer Technical Services Ltd   

             Simple. Sensible. Safety.

Everyday, we help simplify and implement workplace health and safety for all of our clients and we are proud that so many have stayed with us year after year after year.

Whilst we don't believe Brexit - or any other reason - will ease the burdens on businesses, we promise to continue to help them with simple, sensible safety.

So if are based in Croydon or London, and would like to know more on how we can help your business simplify health and safety, call us on 020 8406 5039 or email:

With more than 29 years' experience, we can help you with all aspects of your H&S including:

We offer peace of mind and H&S packages from just £99 a month.

PS - Cold weather due? Snow or freezing temperatures? Watch out for the cold snap due. Be prepared with extra salt and PPE. Download  guide on how much salt to spread and when - HERE

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